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University of Wisconsin–Madison


This version of the campus map was designed and developed in 2012 by University Marketing. A new basemap design, as well as updates to the underlying code were made in 2017.

Browser requirements

The map depends upon Javascript. The map will run on any relatively newer version of Chrome, Firefox and Safari, as long as Javascript is enabled (it is by default.) The map also runs on Internet Explorer back to version 8.

The map will work on most smart phones. It works on iOS devices — iPhones and iPads. It will also work on newer versions of Android (4.0 and greater). Older Android versions running older web browsers may not work.

Contact us

If you have trouble using the map or if you have suggestions for improvements, please email us.


Staff from the UW Cartography Lab and the Wisconsin State Cartographer’s office provided us with invaluable advice and feedback throughout the development process. Much of their feedback has yet to be fully implemented due to technical and resource limitations, but their input has made this map better than it would have been otherwise.

Katie Kowalsky, a 2016 graduate of the UW Cartography program, designed the basemap that was implmented in 2017.

Staff from UW Facilities, Planning and Management have provided (and continue to provide) important feedback and data related to the accuracy of the map.

Staff from the UW Division of Information Technology have been critical in helping us configure a system for deploying a Rails app running against PostgreSQL with PostGIS.

Technology acknowledgments

This map was built using a number of free and open source software (FOSS) components. We thank the makers of these technologies for making them freely available. We’ll share more details about how these technologies were used when we have a chance. For now, here is a listing of some of the more notable ones: * OpenStreetMap * JOSM * PostgreSQL * PostGIS * Mapbox Studio Classic (We use MapBox for our tile server.) * Carto (Carto is integrated into TileMill) * Leaflet.JS * utfgrid * jQuery and jQueryUI * Ruby on Rails * Backbone.JS